Rubber Check Valve ProFlex Model 711/731 Flanged/Slip-On Slope Bottom Check Valves

Rubber Check Valve ProFlex Model 711/731 Flanged/Slip-On Slope Bottom Check Valves

The Proco Style 711/731 ProFlex™ check valves are engineered for installation on pre-existing pipe lines such as manholes, outfalls and vaults where the outfall invert of the pipe is close to the floor of the manhole or outfall. When a new installation is being designed, the 711731 valves can be engineered into the pipe layout with little concern for outfall clearance due to its “low slope” design.

The new Style 711/731 check valves allow the valves to be installed without any costly and labor-intensive changes to the existing structure. The 711/731 is engineered to crack open at 1-2” of head pressure and with its unique engineered sloping bottom, the valve ensures zero potential for standing water. With its all elastomer design, the valve can be installed without concern for the future seizing or rusting which can cause premature failure and maintenance issues.


How Does it Work?

The advantage to the Style 711/731 is the sloping bottom which has been developed to offset the issues commonly affiliated with other flat bottom valves which often entrap solids and flows due to its design. The 711/731 has been carefully designed to prevent this issue and has a minimal slope which allows complete drainage yet still allows easy installs on minimal clearance areas.

The Style 711/731 has been engineered to allow a full port which is important in dealing with headloss and jet velocities. The valve is manufactured with 100% algae and barnacle resistant rubber and is also 100% fire resistant.


  • Unique bottom slope design ensures 100% drainage
  • Installs in flat outfall designs
  • Available in both flanged and slip-on design
  • An excellent choice for manholes and outfall installation
  • Ensures sealing from rubbish and small solids

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