PTFE Expansion Joints - Model 251/BT PTFE & FEP Lined Rubber Expansion Joint

PTFE Expansion Joints - Model 251/BT PTFE & FEP Lined Rubber Expansion Joint

The Proco Series 251/BT Lined Expansion Joints are designed for tough, demanding, corrosive chemical applications such as chemical and petrochemical process facilities and highly corrosive industrial piping and pollution control systems. Use of the 251/BT expansion joints is especially prevalent in the paper industry, where their ability to resist corrosive attack at elevated temperature and pressure is unrivaled by other competitive metal or plastic expansion joints.

Series 251/BT expansion joints are chemically resistant against the entire pH range, and can easily handle tough pulp/paper applications including:

  • White-green-black liquor
  • Beach plant chlorination
  • Caustic extraction stages

The new 251/BT will replace the Proco Series FFP lined rubber expansion joint. This new, improved product has been completely re-engineered to provide even more strength, flexibility and movement capabilities. Manufactured using tire cord industry technology, the Series 251/BT combines woven polyester tie cord into a fabric matrix, which is then bonded with a Chlorobutyl elastomer that is reinforced with wire and bonded to a PTFE liner. This combination creates a product with an increased operating performance.

Some notable features of the Proco Series 251/BT include:

  • Greater movements with a lower/wider arch profile
  • Chemical service capability at minimal cost
  • Absorption of pipe movements and stress
  • Reduction of system noise
  • Isolation of mechanical vibrations
  • Compensation for alignment/offset
  • Elimination of electrolytic action and electrolysis
  • Protection against start up and surge forces

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