Flanged Rubber Pipe Connectors - 300 Series

Flanged Rubber Pipe Connectors - 300 Series

Each Proco Series 300 Flanged Rubber Pipe Connector is specifically engineered for your particular application. Multiple plies of tough fabric and helical spring steel wire are embedded into the pipe wall during the manufacturing process, resulting in a product precisely designed for your pressure and vacuum requirements.

Available styles include:

Style 310-R

The Style 310 is precision molded to specific lengths, as listed in Table 3. The built-in rubber flanges are manufactured to adhere to ANSI 125/150# drilling specifications.

Style 310

The Proco Style 310 is manufactured using conventional methods which allow for fabrication to a specific custom length requirement. It is also available in pre-manufactured lengths (shown in Table 3). The Style 310 is standard with 125/150# drilling, but can also be fabricated to meet other drilling patterns.

Style 320

The Style 320 is designed for high-pressure applications and is manufactured similarly to Style 310. Flanges are usually produced to ANSI 250/300# drilling specifications, but other drilling patterns can be accommodated upon request.

Some notable features of the Series 300 Flanged Rubber Pipe Connectors include:

  • Electrolysis and electrolytic action prevention
  • Compensation for systems misalignment
  • Chemical or abrasive service capability at minimal cost

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